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What is your brand's personality?

We work with you to determine the personality based on your target audience, goals for the brand, etc. Whether you feel you need a brand refresh of an existing logo or need an entirely new look – We can create that successful branding for you.

Who is the competition in your industry?

Studying some of your competition is part of the market research we will gather to determine success & failures within your industry in relation to their branding. End user research will also be conducted to assist in our branding process.

What style direction do you want to pursue?

It’s our job as designers to introduce the look & feel you would like your brand to represent based on the personality we collaboratively establish. We present various style options in order to direct us towards your perfect branding.

How will your branding be viewed?

Will the new branding we create be used solely for digital display, such as social media & websites? – or – Will it be used for print advertising, such as billboards & flyers? Having an idea of your end applications assists us during the design process.
To produce successful, creative solutions for your brand by focusing on our simple process prior to design. Being able to give back has been our motivation to succeed.
We make branding simple for our clients. We determine your needs immediately, creating a minimal turnaround time, while staying true to our quality of work.
Our culture revolves around our designers; they understand the balance between expressing the creativity of an artist and producing a functional product as a designer.


We are upfront with pricing and avoid charging hourly for our time behind the scenes, as most do. We have some of the most creative designers on staff that are able to produce successful, unique concepts for your brand that you will ultimately decide on.

We keep our overhead costs to a minimum by utilizing shared workspaces, (WeWork, Green Desk, etc.) so that we avoid the high costs of yearly commitments of unnecessary large design studios in NYC. This allows us to charge our clients much less than other design agencies, where you are most likely looked at as just an invoice number.

In the end, we are creative professionals with years of experience in the industry. We focus our efforts into creating a timeless representation of not just your brand, but OF YOU – You can’t put a price on that…

unfortunately, we have to.

Who are your typical clients?
We don’t have one specific type of client; we cater to anyone that is in need of an original logo or redesign of their existing brand. The size of the brand doesn’t matter; our goal is to present creative solutions that our clients are proud to have represent them.
What is your turn around time?
Fast.  Our process focuses on gathering as much info leading up to the physical design, which allows us to minimize the revision process, if any. Our clients are always pleased with the turnaround time, as well as the quality work we always produce.
What makes your team different?
We let our work speak for itself. We always present a finished product that our clients refer to as, “better than I could have ever imagined”. We put the time into the process, so that prior to design we have those branding solutions already mapped out.


Marcelo is a creative designer/director based out of New York City, who has been in the design field since 2008. He has well-rounded experience in the industry, as well as a recognized foundation of the Arts & Design. Marcelo graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts & Design. He is grateful to have worked for/with some well-recognized brands over the years, such as Newsday, Major League Baseball, Majestic Athletic, Sony Electronics, Signarama, The Home Depot, Bayer Medicine, NYS DMV, MTA/Long Island Rail Road, E! Network, American Express, NBC Universal, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Georgi Vodka, United States Marine Corps, Adelphi University, State Farm, The Salvador Dali Museum and many more.

Marcelo’s experience in the industry has involved various types of design that range from UX/UI to large exterior advertising. He decided to establish this company, so that we could deliver New York City quality branding, as well as offer the personalized attention of a boutique agency. He has also made a conscious decision to avoid charging clients an hourly rate on top of the initial project cost, that most agencies would. This allows him to keep the cost fair for any startup company. His sole focus on branding allows him to eliminate the typical headaches associated with most agencies. Marcelo also takes pride in finding ways for the company to give back. He has always had a passion for branding & logo design, but being able to structure the company around giving back helps motivate the team daily.


Founder | Executive Director of Design*

*Company Branding, Logo Design, Logo Animation, Web Design, UX/UI Design, WordPress Websites, Graphic Design, Video, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Photography, Print Production, Print Advertising, Photo Composites, Nightlife Advertising, Digital Illustration, Handlettering…





Feel free to reach out anytime of the day. Whether you are interested in branding for an established company or an aspiring social media influencer – WE CAN HELP. We look forward to developing a successful representation of your brand.